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Creating A Biology Essay: 15 Sample Questions To Consider

Are you in the process of writing a biology essay, but are stuck for ideas on what type of question to base your piece on? Choosing the right question is important, because it ensures that you are doing a topic which is worthy of attention. Some topics are bland, while others very challenging – so it’s your job to find one that is perfect for what your interests are. With that thought in mind read on for 15 sample questions you can use in order to get some ideas regarding a biology essay:

  1. What significant roles does biology play in our everyday life?
  2. What is the process of evolution in a specific reptile of your choice?
  3. What role does biology play in the saying: “you are what you eat”?
  4. What are the main processes that go on in the stomach as digestion begins?
  5. What are the main biological functions of blood?
  6. What are the main biological functions of the liver?
  7. Describe what the different food groups provide for the human body?
  8. What is the process of formation of human DNA?
  9. How does Vitamin C improve the health of the human body?
  10. How does smoking harm the respiratory system?
  11. Why does eating too much chocolate harm the human body?
  12. What can be done to increase the rate of the metabolism?
  13. What is brain cancer, and how does it form?
  14. What is the biggest muscle in the human body and what is its function?
  15. What is the human body’s most impressive self-defense mechanism?

These are just some of the titles that you could opt for when doing a biology essay? You can get plenty more ideas by taking a look at examples of other projects. These examples can be located at blogs, forums and directory websites.

Keep in mind that biology is a very diverse discipline, which means you should be able to locate something that is of interest to you. If you can get passionate about a topic then your chances of receiving a top grade will be highly increased. That’s because you will more enthusiastic about doing the research and the writing.