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List of 14 Potential Titles for Your Essay About Art

When most people think of an art class, they think of painting masterpieces and designing pottery. In many art classes and art history programs, students will have to research a topic and write an essay. Students who are unable to think of a topic for their paper can use one of the following ideas or modify it to get started.

A Word of Warning

Every teacher or professor has certain expectations of what they want from an assignment. Before starting anything, students should make sure that they have carefully read through the writing prompt. Often, the professor will have a specific idea about what they want in the essay or the topic will have to be related to the subject matter. Students should begin by reading the writing prompt and asking their professor for ideas. If the topic is truly open to any art-related subject, students can use the following 14 titles to get started.

Title Ideas for an Essay About Art

  1. Phallic Symbols in Historical Art and Modern Interpretations
  2. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone With the Art of Georges Seurat
  3. Looking at Two Artists From a Movement: Martin Puryear and Richard Serra
  4. An Analysis of Parmigianino's Antea
  5. The Role of Patronage in Funding Medieval Art Production
  6. The Changing Style of African-American Art Over the Centuries
  7. An Inside Look at the Influences of Philippe de Montebello
  8. Using a Screenplay to Narrate the Life of an Artist: Gustave Courbet
  9. Working at the Factory of Andy Warhol and the Impact on Pop Art
  10. Iconography in the Work of Mark Podwal
  11. Making a New Type of Greatness: Feminism, the Guerrilla Girls and Modern Art
  12. Security and Art Theft: Why Art Museums Spend More on Protecting Work From Being Touched Than on Protecting It From Theft
  13. A Comparison of Two Different Works From the New York Cool Movement
  14. The Mistress as the Muse: The Role of Lovers in the Creation of Masterpieces

Narrowing Down the Topic

The best way to write an A+ essay is to pick the right subject. Students should focus on subjects that they are already familiar with. In addition to reducing the amount of time that it takes to research a subject, it will also make it more enjoyable for the student. Students can start by brainstorming ideas that sound interesting or that have been covered in class. Afterward, the student can narrow down these ideas to the best topics.