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5 Fresh Ideas For Controversial Exploratory Essay Topics

Sometimes writing can pose a big challenge to even the most astute writer especially if the topic is demanding and there is little out there to guide you through. Literary compositions come in different types with each having its own unique style and rendition. Every day, we are let into a world of new developments where issues that remain unsolved are mind boggling. While there is nothing we can do about controversial situations because we are not empowered to be involved in anyway, students are always allowed to give their opinions on certain issues through writing. Well, exploratory essays are perhaps the most common form of writing except that the term exploratory is not talked of as often as other like persuasive, argumentative and descriptive writing. If you are in that college where the bulk of writing is left to students including coming up with topics, then it is advisable that you take a leap into the world of wide reading so that you can always be accustomed with topic ideas out there. This also includes taking a look at exploratory writing prompts out there. In this article, this task is made easier by listing a number of such topics that you might want to look at.

  • To begin with, the question is gay marriage remains controversial even now with different people and leaders voicing varied conflicting opinions. So, this is an area from which you can definitely craft a good topic out of. Should same sex marriages be legalized? Do same sex marriages have a moral standing?
  • Media is all around us and when it comes to advertising, some ethics are usually stepped upon. On this, a topic for exploratory essay can be formulated. You can think of something like-Are infomercials subjected to gatekeeping?
  • America is said to be a land of opportunities. While this remains ingrained in many minds, are there issues to suggest that this mantra is skewed and misleading?
  • War is ravaging many countries the world over. On this, a good topic can be that which investigate media biases in covering war
  • Also, a good controversial topic for exploratory essay can be something that looks into drug abuse. Marijuana use has remained controversial with varied opinions taking center stage. On this, a topic like should marijuana be legalized the world over can make a great topic for exploratory composition