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Great Suggestions For Crafting A Gun Control Essay Title

Time is ticking by and you need to get started on your gun control essay. You have chosen a topic but you’re trying to create a catchy title and you’re not sure where to begin. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many students can get hung up on the title creation process. For the top tips and best suggestions for title writing, keep reading.

The function of a title

There are several things a good title does for your paper. They include:

  • It tells the reader what the content will be about. It’s the shortest ever, condensation of the content of your essay.
  • It should catch the attention and interest of the reader.
  • It is a reflection of the tone or perspective of the piece of writing.
  • It assists with computer searches using keywords that adequately identify the content of the paper.
  • It is meant to be meaningful, not just a label or name.

Writing the title

It requires some thought and creativity to put together a great title. It may take some brainstorming and then some revising. Title-writing doesn’t happen by default. It should be thought out and meticulously carried out.

Think of it as a process. Stretch your thinking and expand your mind during the process. A good title can be posed as a question, or even a statement that is very thought-provoking or compels the reader to take a closer look at the written work.

Writing a title specific to the field of gun control

Think of a question beginning with how or why, that relates to some idea within your essay and form it into a title. That’s one way to form a title and have it be very relevant to the content of your paper. There are other methods you can try as well. They include the following.

  • Look through your essay and choose 4 or 5 main ideas. Re-word them into titles. Look at the titles you’ve created and choose your favorite one. Re-word it into 3 different titles and see if you like the original or one of the three new ones the best. If you still aren’t happy, begin the process again.
  • Think of a movie that could be made about your gun control paper. What would the title of the movie be? If it sounds a little too sensational to be a paper title, tweak it a little bit until it sounds like a good paper title.