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27 Unique Opinion Essay Writing Prompts For 4th Grade Students

For the 4th grade student, it’s important to realize an opinion essay in one in which they are trying to persuade their audience to listen to their opinion. In order to do this, the student must have good examples and sound reasoning. For example, instead of writing about the causes leading up to the Civil War, the student would try to persuade the reader that the Civil War was more likely based on the economics of the plantations rather than the issue of slavery.

Here are 27 unique essay writing prompts to browse through to find a topic idea.

  1. Violent video games have a negative effect on teens because they are more likely to act out the violence.
  2. Cosmetic experiments shouldn’t be performed on animals because they feel pain too.
  3. In order to save money for education, schools shouldn’t be allowed to cancel field trips.
  4. Parents should give their children allowances even if they don’t complete their chores or homework.
  5. Everyone should find a good cause to volunteer their time for.
  6. Should there be all-boy and all-girl schools?
  7. Snowboarding is a fun activity and should be promoted by the schools.
  8. Do you think 6 hours of television watching per day is too much?
  9. Do you think 16 is too young to get a driver’s license?
  10. Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
  11. Should there be a law that requires food companies to list the GMO products in their food packages?
  12. Are large families better than small ones?
  13. Is it a good habit to schedule time for homework every day?
  14. Are reality shows changing the outlook of American teens?
  15. Are there too many cars on the roads? Should people be using more public transportation?
  16. How can we convince families to get more serious about recycling and reducing the amount of waste they throw away?
  17. How can we convince people to be more physically active?
  18. Do you believe there are humanoids that live on other planets in our universe?
  19. Should every child have access to computers?
  20. Should high school standards be higher?
  21. Is it fair for people to catch fish for sport and not eat them?
  22. Is reading fiction a waste of a student’s time?
  23. Is it ever okay to tell a lie? What are some examples?
  24. Should students be required to wear school uniforms?
  25. Should a leader be feared or loved? Which is better?
  26. Should teachers be required to take teaching classes or teaching tests every 3 years?
  27. If people could live on the moon, how would we choose who gets to go?