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22 Fresh Ideas For Unusual Persuasive Essay Topics

The whole point of writing a persuasive essay is to write a paper that works to persuade the audience to believe in your side of the issue. You would start by finding a controversial issue to write your paper on. Then you choose a side of the issue and from there you will start deciding why you chose this side of the issue.

You will want to work towards writing a paper that makes your audience believe in your side of the issue. So, you will want to write a paper on a topic that you have some passion for. If you feel really strongly about one side of an issue, this is a great topic to write your paper on. Issues that you sit the fence on and that you don’t have a strong opinion either way are not good topics to write about.

  1. John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dealey Plaza
  2. The existence of mermaids
  3. The missing tapes of Apollo 11
  4. Malta cart ruts
  5. Shroud of Turin
  6. Talpiot Tomb
  7. Vitrified Forts
  8. Causes of the 2012 heat wave in North America
  9. Piri Reis Map
  10. Sale of human organs
  11. Universal health
  12. Gender wage gap
  13. Pushing kids in sports
  14. Homework sites
  15. Essay writing sites
  16. Dowry system: India
  17. Social media
  18. The SAFE Act
  19. Perpetual War on Terror
  20. The Iran War Resolution
  21. Columbia Free Trade
  22. Draconian IP Policy

When you have chosen a topic, you will want to start to brainstorm some ideas that will help you prove your case. It is so important to make a plan for what you want to write your paper about. It will help you get an idea of what you should say and how you should present it. It will help you decide what to present first and in what order to present the evidence and main points to make the paper the most effective.

This paper will include your opinion but it should be based on facts so you will want to make sure that you present evidence to back up your beliefs. This can be as simple as a quote from a professional who agrees with you. You should add direct quotes from people who have a significance in the area and whose opinion is respected.