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A Tried And Tested Way To Improve The Unity Of Your Essay

When it comes to improving the unity of your essay, the best way to do so is by adding transitional phrases. A traditional phrase links the paragraphs and ideas together. There is a basic way to accomplish this and a more complex way. We will discuss both ways and you can decide which way works best for you and the paper that you are writing.

This is definitely a solid way to improve your essays. You will have to write many essays throughout your education and that means that it is really important for you to make sure that you add transitional phrases at the beginning or at the end of the paragraph.

Basic transitions

There are basic transitions that you can use to link the paragraphs together. They go something like: the first reason why, the second reason why, and the third reason why. These go in the beginning of a paragraph and when the paper is all together, it creates a cohesive piece.

Complex transitions

These types of transitions link the paragraphs together directly. They are mostly longer sentences that express the main points of both and their link to each other. This example would go at the end of the paragraph. For example, you would say something like:

Even though you can use basic transitions for your paper, it is better to use complex ones.

They show a direct correlation between the two topics. As you can see, this transition would go at the end of the basic transitions paragraph. It tells my reader that we were talking about basic transitions and then the topic changed to complex ones. It shows a direct flow of information from one topic to the next. Complex transitions are better than simple ones. However, you can use either one.

Transitions are a great way to create a unified paper that has an effective flow of information from one topic to the next. You will be able to see quickly that it adds to your overall word count as well and it will make it easier for you to reach your goal. Since, most of the time, we are struggling to get the right amount of words on the paper, it will help you out.

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