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How To Come Up With Interesting Informative Essay Topics

The informative essay is believed to be one of the most interesting and challenging assignments that you as a student could be given. The aim of this academic paper is to educate the reader. Moreover, it should interest the reader to such extent that he/she would like to broaden the knowledge on the subject and think of how to apply it.

The Importance of Making a Good Choice

The most essential thing in writing an informative essay is to choose an appropriate topic. It should meet the following requirements:

  • Write about what interests you most.
  • Only in this case you will enjoy the process of writing your paper and pass over your enthusiasm to the reader. You should be an expert in the problems you are writing about, and people try to learn more about the things that are interesting for them.

  • Write about things that are supposed not to be known to the audience.
  • You can`t write a good paper based on some old information, facts, or problems unless you have got some new knowledge that you can present. It would be interesting to put forward some opposing points of view and prove inconsistency of the previous information. You should present the results of the latest studies on the topic.

  • Back up your information thoroughly.
  • Still on the stage of choosing a topic for your future informative essay, carry on some research work to be sure that you will get the necessary information. Mind that you will have to present accurate and up-to-date data from reliable sources. If you are going to use the Internet, find reliable websites, i.e. those of government bodies, universities, and reputable organizations.

  • Narrow a broad theme to one problem or fact.
  • You should present information in a well-organized manner and it depends on the topic as well.

Here are some examples of topics for informative essays:

  1. Islam as a world religion.
  2. 3-D printing for medicine.
  3. Oil production in the Arctic region: advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Feminism: Do women have equal rights with men?
  5. Future settlements on Mars.
  6. The professions that have appeared in XXI century.
  7. How to use sun energy.
  8. Hilary Clinton`s way to presidency.
  9. Seven wonderful places of your country.
  10. Seven outstanding people in the history of your country.
  11. The history of books: from stones to readers.
  12. The ways of getting higher education.
  13. How the English language is enriched.
  14. What we know about the Universe.