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15 Exciting Narrative Essay Topics For High School Students

Narrative essay writing includes writing about something of personal interest. This can be something you want to do or something you experienced in the past. In many cases the topic will feature personal feelings and actions that give the essay a personal connect to the person who wrote it. This means your topic needs to stand out while having a personal connection to your creativity and writing ability.

Understanding Components of a Good Narrative Essay Topic

Once you understand what makes a good narrative essay paper you can focus on a topic that is best suited for the assignment. A narrative paper presents ideas and thoughts directly experienced by the writer. There is often something of significance or true meaning behind the work that gives the paper a unique essence. This means your topic should be something you can provide details people will understand and relate to, but with meaning as to why it is important to you.

How to Come Up with Narrative Essay Topics

Coming up with narrative essay topics includes being creative. You can brainstorm ideas based on thoughts that come to mind quickly. You can review sample papers offering insight on how to write a narrative topic. There are sample papers you can view free online that may inspire brainstorming sessions of your own. You can work with a group of classmates on developing ideas and share your findings. One important element to remember is to choose a topic that will help you write a paper meeting academic guidelines set for the assignment.

15 Basic Narrative Essay Ideas to Help You Develop Your Own Topic

It is understandable it can be challenging trying to come up with topics on your own. This is when a basic list of ideas can be handy. Here are 15 ideas to help you get started.

  1. A secret others don’t know about me.
  2. A place I want to visit.
  3. The weirdest thing I have seen.
  4. I want to invent this.
  5. My idol.
  6. If I could be president.
  7. If I were rich and famous.
  8. A television show I want to create.
  9. My favorite song.
  10. My favorite music video.
  11. My favorite fashion trend.
  12. When my mom or dad was right.
  13. My best accomplishment.
  14. Most embarrassing moment.
  15. Best lesson learned.