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Coming Up With The Most Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

You should have fun when working on your compare and contrast essay, and this will only be possible if you choose the right topic. It can be difficult to decide what exactly to write about in this kind of paper. Be sure to remember that general guidelines for choosing topics for academic essays:

  • The subject you write about must be relevant to your readers.
  • You need to be personally interested in the topic (at least to some extent).
  • Your work must be educational in some way.
  • The scope of the topic should fit the word count requirements.

Keep these things in mind and focus on the discussions you usually have with your classmates. What issues are relevant to them? Which of them you have a strong personal opinion on? Answering these questions will allow you to significantly narrow down the number of compare and contrast essay topics you can choose from.

If you cannot come up with any original ideas even after doing this, take a look at the following prompts. Some of them might inspire you:

  1. Destructive effects of hurricanes and blizzards.
  2. School bullies as opposed to dictators.
  3. Being a popular kid vs. being a nerd in high school senior year.
  4. Poverty and paranoia: what do they have in common?
  5. Anxiety vs. boredom: which is worse for your overall wellbeing?
  6. Wandering through the Death Valley vs. taking a stroll through a ghetto at night: survival chances of an average American.
  7. The influence of music when compared to the influence of books on my personality development.
  8. 1960s and 2000s what are the similarities between pop cultures?
  9. Red Riding Hood vs. Rapunzel: which fairy tale is more traumatizing for children?
  10. Reality shows vs. soap operas: which is the better indicator of cultural decline?
  11. Talking about grades with parents against talking about grades with teachers: which is more stressful?
  12. Camping vs. staying in a hotel: pros and cons of each.
  13. Similarities between my female best friend and my male best friend.
  14. The stress and exhilaration of riding a roller coaster when compared to taking and passing college entrance exams.
  15. Beauty icons of today vs. beautiful ladies of the Renaissance era.

It’s advisable to do some preliminary research before you settle on a topic as you need to make sure that there is enough material for you to use in the paper. Remember that you must provide solid facts to support your views. Your personal opinions on the matter aren’t enough.