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Laughter Is The Best Medicine: 9 Awesome Topics For Your Essay

Writing high school or college essays can be challenge for both students and teachers in terms of coming up with original and interesting topics to write about. Many believe that sometimes laughter is the best medicine when it comes to completing a written assignment, so we’ve come up with this list of 9 awesome topics for your consideration:

  1. Should educators have to follow a dress code? What would this dress code look like and how would it affect students’ interest or work ethic?
  2. If you had the opportunity to go over the end of the rainbow, what would you expect to find there?
  3. Go back to a time when you thought something that you learned was an absolute joy. Did you enjoy learning a traditional academic subject or was this something new and original?
  4. If you were able to spend the next year of your life in either the future or the in past, what year would you choose to live in and what are the reasons?
  5. In the year 2030 a movie will be made about your life? Who would star in it and would the movie focus on in terms of your life?
  6. If you only had 150 words to express your life’s biography what would it be and can you explain why? What parts would you cut out and why?
  7. Consider a novel, television show, or movie where the main character has to make difficult choice, and then say whether you are in agreement or disagreement with that choice.
  8. If you had a name that was an acronym what would it be and what would it stand for? How close will it be to reflecting your personality and strengths?
  9. Some people think that social media sites are superfluous and can’t really express deep thoughts or complex ideas that occur in regular speech. How do you feel about this?

These are just a few ideas but it might be all you need to come up with some really good and funny topics of your own. Remember that what is most important is that you choose something that will truly interest you. The more invested you are on a single topic the more your writing will come off as enthusiastic. This will make for a more enjoyable read and is likely to earn you a top grade in your class.