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How To Put Quotes In A School Essay – 5 Basic Tips

Once students get into high school and college, they are usually required to put quotes from reliable sources into their essays. Unfortunately, when students do not pay attention to their teachers in the early years of learning to write, they fail to understand how to put quotes in those papers. If you need help, here are some techniques you can use:

  1. Use a quote in the introductory paragraph. One of the best techniques to help you begin an essay is by using a interesting quote from a well-known person. When you do this, you not only solve the problem of not knowing how to begin a paper, but you also get a quote worked in, too. It is effective to use a quote that gets the reader’s attention.
  2. Use a quote to support an opinion. SInce most papers are based on opinions, it is important to use quotes to show that others agree with you. It is also helpful to have quotes that include numbers and facts to show support for your opinion.
  3. Explain the quote. The quote that you use will require explanation, no matter where you put it. This means that you will need to explain the significance of it and how it relates to your paper, especially the thesis statement or the topic sentence of the paragraph. Even the quote that you use in the introductory paragraph will need to have a transition sentence to smooth the flow into the thesis. Without an explanation, the quote is just a sentence with special punctuation. The reader will need context for the quote.
  4. Include the source. The source of the quote will always need to be included. The way the source is included will be based on the formatting style your instructor assigns. It will most likely be either MLA, APA, or Chicago Style. Follow the formatting perfectly, so your instructor knows you can follow directions.
  5. Use a quote to close your paper. If you use a quote to open your essay, it is also important to repeat the use of a quote in the conclusion. You can try to find a similar quote or one by the same person. You can also use a quote in the conclusion as a unique way to end the paper. The quote should help wrap up the meaning of your paper without introducing anything new to the project.