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Writing An Exploratory Essay On Social Media: Key Aspects To Consider

To write a successful exploratory essay, you need to find a good question to analyze. You will be required to present different perspectives, to make research and to take into consideration many elements before you present your own opinion. The issue that you will discuss needs to be debatable, so don’t try to go for something simple because it will not meet the requirements of this essay. If you decided to write about social media, there are some key aspects that you need to consider. Everyone has access to social networks, so you have plenty of information available.

  • Do not discuss something that is well-known by people. For example, don’t choose as topic “Is social media facilitating communication?” because everyone already knows the answer to this. You need to analyze issues that are not clear, like “Should we create programs that allow us to send money through social networks?”. This is unclear for many people.

  • Analyze different perspectives. If you ask the opinion of a teenager and the opinion of an adult, for sure, you will not receive the same answers. You need to integrate both and much more in your essay if you want to create a successful composition. It might be helpful to read other papers written on the same topic and to see which one can give you something new to use for your text.

  • Take each opinion and analyze it. This should be the longest part of your essay. You are supposed to take every idea that is surrounding the issue and discuss it from different perspectives. Explain why it is incorrect, why it can not be applied in your country and why it could work, but it is not implemented yet. Use solid arguments for this. You need to explain any other opinion except your own before you move to the next step.

  • Here is where you write your own ideas. You have enough information to present a valid solution, ways of implementing it and a long term plan. Maybe some of your classmates will get benefit from the opinion that you express in this part.

  • Build a relevant conclusion. Use the rest of your paper as argument for the final conclusion. Remember that the closing paragraph must not have more than a few lines, so stay away from unnecessary details.