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The Evolution Of Tabloid Journalism

Tabloid is a form of media that is aimed at giving news about interesting and captivating stories that happen to us. Most of the stories featured in tabloids are about gossips, sports, politics, crime stories and news that revolve around celebrities. They always focus on gossip that most of the time is not true. This has at many times placed them at war with celebrities that sue them for defamation. There have also been a lot of demonstrations from people fighting for the ban of tabloid journalism. These demonstrations have not born any fruits. With many governments passing laws that give people the freedom of speech; I wonder if these demonstrations championing the burn of tabloid journalism will ever have any fruit. Tabloids now have protection by the law to publish any content as long as it is in line with the set legislation of the countries that they are publishing in. This does not however protect them from future lawsuits with individuals who feel that their rights are been undermined.

History of Tabloid Journalism

Alfred Harmsworth is seen as the pioneer of tabloid journalism. He owned a large publishing company that used to publish articles that were captivating to the eyes of the reader. His publications were on small pieces of papers that used to go for a penny. This was far much below the cost of a full newspaper. It thus attracted a lot of customers and this fetched him huge profits. During his time he was known for the massive influence he impacted against Prime Minister Herbert’s Government. He viewed his opinions about the wartime through his publications and this enhanced the popularity of his publications. Tabloids have since then been known for they tackle or bring news that are interesting to the people. Since the time of Alfred, tabloids have shown a great reflection of the actual taste of the reader. They are thus different in structure from any newspapers both in size and in content.

Supermarket Tabloids

Since tabloids are aimed at being catchy to the reader, publishers have decided not to make publications on a daily basis like that of the ordinary newspapers. Tabloids are thus published on weekly or monthly basis. This is to ensure that the publisher has enough content to write about and maintain the idea of being interesting. With time, tabloids have grown and many publishers have come up. There is thus a lot of competition and one can only remain in business if they are relevant to the stories that captivate their readers.