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Environmental Affects From Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are a major form of tourism on the oceanic stretches. The experience of the voyage involves people seeing the majestic presence of the ship while also observing the beauty of the ocean and its marine life forms. It is a common aspiration among people now to go on for sea cruises as it provides for an enriching experience. Many cruise lines are defined for the voyages where you can travel anytime of the year for your spiritual ventures or just for a holiday with friends and family.

Needless to say the industry of cruise sails is blooming and has become one of the most economically profitable industry. However, the profits and the pristine pleasure is coming at an expensive price. One major problem that arises from cruise ships is high production of sewage which goes on polluting the oceans to no end. Billions of tons of waste comes out of the excessive fuel usage resulting from frequent voyages at some of the cruise lines. Many of these lines are very susceptible to varying levels of toxic contents and potentially threat the underwater lives and vegetation.

The threat to water life is one thing but one which is a more prominent danger to us is the loss of water quality. It has seriously compromised the safety of the coastal reaches and its people. There are serious implications which potentially threaten human life with the degrading quality of water and its induction in the marine bodies. This has been a real challenge to sea food industry too which is trying hard to get clean food available on the plates of the people.

The problem is not going to get a solution all by itself. Meanwhile, cruise industry has been unable to meet the sanitation standards and are denying to go by the disciplinary regulations that are rightly imposed upon them. They are blindly going for voyages with no heed to the consequences later on.

With the situation getting worse day by day, and the high levels of air and water pollution producing negative impacts on the marine lifeforms while also threatening the islands of losing their lands, it has become imperative that some action should be taken. There is a need for coming to terms with each others goals(government and economy) and then reach a common ground where the environment could be guarded, even if it comes at cost of pushing the economy a bit back.