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List Of Unique Essay Writing Topics On Global Warming

It is old news that our environment is badly damaged and with the increase in industrial activities, the pollution rate continues to escalate. As a prospective environmentalist, writing an essay on issues bordering on global warming is something that will happen every now and then. In some cases, you don’t necessarily have to be studying about the environment before you can be assigned to write essays on global warming. For this reason, you should be prepared to write on any assigned topic while in high school or college. Getting good and interesting topics is the first step towards starting your academic paper.

For an essay on global warming, it is not an easy task getting topics that have not been analyzed already. This should not be an issue, all you need to do is choose a topic you are sure you can effectively expand on and possibly, from a whole new angle. In this age of internet, information about any given topic is readily available with a few clicks of the mouse, after which you can simply copy the information or print them out. Listed below are some topics to get you started on writing your essay. They are:

  1. Climate change and global warming – The relationship
  2. Causes and effects of global warming
  3. The global warming crisis – How the media can help
  4. Global warming and its impact on oceans
  5. Environmental effects of global warming
  6. Global warming and fossil fuels
  7. The society’s response to greenhouse effect
  8. Global warming and your health
  9. Man’s role in global warming
  10. Curbing the causes of global warming

The above listed topics make up a huge percentage of essay papers available today on global warming. With a particular topic chosen, it is important that you carry out adequate researches from reputable sources in order to compose a great paper that will make an interesting read to your target audience. When quoting any statistics or data, make sure that they are from reliable sources so that your essay will not be the target of attacks from critics. There are several government operated websites and education-based websites that offer reliable information and materials on various sensitive issues, including the issue of global warming. Some of these sites’ URLs usually end with .gov, .org and .edu. Also, ensure that your paper is properly edited so you can earn good scores upon submission.