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A List Of Great Topics For Your College Essay: Arguing A Position

Choosing a topic to write an argumentative essay requires that you be well equipped with solid and convincing facts about the position you take. While your personal insights and position will be the obvious foundation for arguing a position, it’s important to understand that your personal views must be supported by reason, proof, evidence and factual information. The best topics to choose are ones that are based on controversial issues and ones that you have an interest in, and prepared to research. Here is a list of great topics for your college essay to consider.

Global Climate Change

This is an interesting and controversial topic that truly deserves a spot in a list of great topics for your college essay due to several reasons. The best thing about arguing a position on this topic is that there is tons of information you can use to support any side of the argument.

The Death Penalty

This is another controversial topic that always raises heated arguments and it can make for a great topic for your college essay. The topic is also great because you can get a lot of facts about the issue. You can also get some samples of essays about this topic.

Animals and Scientific Research

This topic is great because it raises a variety of interesting arguments. On the one hand, using animals for scientific research has helped scientists develop drugs that have saved the lives of millions of people. On the other hand, those against the use of animals in scientific research argue that it amounts to violation of animals’ rights.

Effects of Computers/Technology on Society

This topic is great for an argumentative essay as it raises varying views on the impact of computers. Computers and technology have had both positive and negative impacts on our lives, and this topic has raised heated discussions or arguments in the past. Arguing a position on either side of the argument will be interesting as varying views and experiences exist on both sides.


Another issue that could not miss in a list of great topics for your college essay to consider is euthanasia. In some countries, the practice is illegal, while in other countries it is legal. Arguing a position on this topic is intriguing because the topic raises several ethical, religious, medical, and personal issues. Additionally, this topic has been discussed extensively in the past, which means that there is no shortage of facts, evidence, and expert insights on the issue.