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A List Of Brilliant Analysis Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

To create a good impression on your readers, college professors and peers, it’s mandatory that you choose a topic that is informative, interesting, relevant and innovative and consecrates you with an opportunity to build high reputation assisting with high grades.

Following is the list of analytical essays where you can incorporate fresh ideas depicting both the perspectives-

  1. Should ragging be allowed in colleges? This is a hotly debated question for college students. Discuss all the positive aspects of it as in how it nurtures the habit of paying respect to seniors. How seniors develop good bonding with their juniors? Also cite its serious repercussions like emotional torture and suicidal tendencies among college students.
  2. Is Computer dependencies right? Discuss its positive aspects like fast growth and development in today’s world, presence of entire world on your desktop, time saving etc. On the other hand you should also make students aware of its negative repercussion in terms of health and bad habit. For example sitting on computers for long intervals for playing games etc.
  3. Are 3 days of paternity leave is justifiable or it should be increased? Discuss the role of a man as a father and as a husband after the newborn. Mention if father should be allowed to work from home for a few days.
  4. Are research conducted on animals’ is reasonable? How humans are similar and dissimilar from animals? Are the medicines and cosmetics applied on them should be considered good to be used by humans?
  5. Good and bad of cell phones: This is a huge topic with a wide area of discussion. Discuss its positive and negative effects in terms of social and individual behavior, health effects, over usage and spreading crime across the globe.
  6. Are grades good way of testing student’s knowledge? Is it justifiable to check someone’s knowledge based on a few questions?
  7. Condoms and teenage crime: Do teenagers losing their virginity before marriage should be made legal across the globe?
  8. Increasing violence due to television and videos: Do videos increase the crime rate and violence. How?
  9. Do beauty pageants have to go through lots of turmoil? Or they live lavish lives?
  10. Why age matters in relationship? Is it mandatory that a woman has to be less aged than men? Cite its benefits and drawbacks in perspective of gender discrimination.
  11. Does alcohol drinking age should be increased? If yes, why? What would be its benefits and drawbacks in terms of public welfare and in terms of an individual?

These are some of the interesting essay topics that college students can write on to stay in limelight.