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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 is a novel written by Ray Bradbury. The story is a futuristic novel based on the concept of banning books by way of destroying them. The novel features a number of characters that include fireman that burn books in the beginning. There is a notion conveyed by the author of the novel that the lack of book use may not be a good thing for people. The novel was published during the 1950s and some saw it as a way of government censorship. Some say they can understand why the novel perceived this idea.

Author Ray Bradbury at the time felt things such as radio and television may cause people to forget who they are. This may seem strange but when you take time to learn more about his theory there is some sense you get out of it. Many things people learn come from books and written material. During the 1950s when things such as radio were rising in popularity people would consider it a form of entertainment. Yet, many people found his novel to be interesting because it was as if he was telling what may happen in the future.

So, why this aspect would not be considered a form or government censorship? The idea the author was supporting government censorship with his novel was something he was not in favor for, but because aspects of the story was evidence of this concept, some wondered if government censorship was in anyway a form of inspiration for his story. Many readers of the novel didn’t feel that was the message Bradbury was going for. Instead, many people agreed with him that reading and books were important parts of living. Readers found it interesting how the main character started off destroying books, only to rely on one in particular (the bible) in the end.

From the looks of today’s society is Bradbury’s theory correct? More people seem to rely on technology when they need answers or want to read. There are books people prefer to read in print form instead of digital, but are there other messages in the novel that can relate to how people in modern society should consider books over digital technology? Many wonder how his novel would play out in modern society. Would people really be willing to destroy books and would it hurt how people learn?