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Postcolonial Geographies

Postcolonial Geographies seeks to explain how geography and colonialism are linked through the material effects of colonialism. Colonization had a great effect not just on the lives of the people and the governments of the time but even on how people are distributed even after the end of the colonial era. This is not just in the colonies but also on the colonizers themselves. There is a complete difference of experiences in both countries and a whole different experience on space, landscape and location. Different images of people behavior and altitude was created after colonization both in the past and present. Most effect was on the developing counties which most suffered for a long time in the hands of the colonials.

Different factors and view of things show the effect of colonialism. The general distribution of the people and the languages spoken by people in certain regions show a clear picture of how colonies took over regions during the colonial era. In West Africa the most spoken language is French whereas in central Africa natives speak English. You can also tell by the number of natives in these regions that are now citizens of their former colonial masters. This is because many people were taken away as slaves and after colonization their families were registered as citizens in their master’s countries. This can also be seen in the number of people seeking to go and work in the countries that were their former masters. This is as the colonial masters seek to pay for the injustices done on the native people of the countries they colonized. The colonial governments used to exploit all the resources of their colonies and repatriate the profits to their countries and thus no or little development was done on the colony states. It is now that the colonial masters are trying to repay these deeds by offering help to their colonies. This is however never welcome with both hands all the time as people see as if they are being colonized a second time. This is because the helping nations at times put some constraints and conditions to be met before any help.

Certain cultures are other aspects that can clearly the geographical demarcations of how former colonial masters took over their colonial states. Some activities like the common wealth games is an event for Britain and all the countries that were colonized by her. She still tries to keep her colonies together and this has some influence on them.