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10 Great Popular Culture Topics For College Essays

Everyone hears the word culture. We hardly notice our own in the day to day life. When we step out of our hometowns, however, we see the differences in the ways of life going on around us. At what point does it come into play? When does it change? How loyal are people to their culture?

Many times culture does more than what we think it does. Here are 10 topics for you to explore and build upon. What changes did you see in your own way of life, how are you supposed to cope when moving or visiting an unknown area of the country or world? Try to come up with your own questions to answer when writing your paper.

10 Culture Topics

  • What is culture? How does it help to define a nation or region of people?
  • When cultures clash. What happens when two different peoples or nations have differences between their ways of life?
  • Eastern vs. Western. What are the major differences?
  • Music and Culture: How it helped to define history.
  • Shopping and Culture: How did it help to shape the industry?
  • North vs. South in America: The traditional differences that have existed since the country was formed.
  • Business Culture in the World: How it drives the industry.
  • History of Culture- colonial, Native American, European, etc.
  • Modern American
  • Food Cultures from around the World

    These are just a few to choose from. Expand on these if you have more questions to answer or to show how it comes into play everywhere around the world. Cultures shaped the world into what we know today and still continues to change it. How can you display these relevancies in your paper?

    If you have other ideas on what to write about, you can use the questions mentioned above and topics to use in your paper. Schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and religious establishments all have their own ways of thinking, ethics, sense of selves, moral fiber, and so on. Communities come up with their own laws to suit their people. Schools change their policies based on the ways their students and families behave, learn and grow.

    How can you demonstrate the differences effectively and without bias or judgments? Whatever you pick to write about, remember that they key to a successful paper is the writers’ ability to be outside of the situation, have understanding through research on both sides and effectively portray findings in a positive way.