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Top 25 Argumentative Essay Topics Worth A Discussion

  • What is an argumentative essay?
  • An argumentative essay is the type of academic paper in which the students need to develop a strong stance and use logical and factual arguments to convince the readers of their views. It is important to keep in mind that you should stay objective and unbiased while writing such a paper. Even if you have a personal experience that relates to the situation, you still need to back it up with strong evidence and supporting points. People will not agree to something or idea only because you feel so. You need to have concrete examples, authenticated data and logical arguments to prove your ideas.

  • The topic of an argumentative paper
  • The topic for any type of essay is very significant in deciding the overall scope and direction of the paper. A topic lays the foundation of your assignment and helps your reader identify what your paper is about. For example, if you are to write an argumentative paper and you choose a topic that everyone can agree to, then there is no point in writing your paper. Consider these two examples

    1. Smoking is harmful
    2. Smoking at your workplace can send a negative impression to your colleagues

    The first one cannot be an arguable statement because everyone agrees smoking is harmful and it is already proved. You cannot create any argument around this statement. In the second one, people may or may not agree to your idea. Some people might actually think that smoking sends a strong and positive message about you.

  • List of interesting argumentative topics worth discussing
  • If you are having a hard time choosing the right topic for your paper, then you need to look at the following suggestions and topic ideas. These will help you write your topic and find your inspiration

    1. The benefits of technology are more than its side effects
    2. The side effects of technology are more than its benefits
    3. Urban life is better than rural life
    4. It is better to live at a country side than in an urban city
    5. Organic foods are cheaper
    6. Junk food is cheaper
    7. Day cares are a safe choice for kids
    8. Day cares are not a safe place for your kids
    9. Students love creative activities
    10. Students hate creative activities
    11. Personal property is a good concept
    12. Private property has made the world materialistic
    13. There is life on Mars
    14. There is no such thing as aliens
    15. Sex education is important for teens
    16. Teens should not have sex awareness
    17. Sex is a social taboo in the East
    18. Financial crisis cause divorce
    19. Financial crisis strengthens the bond between two people
    20. Money is the only driving force for employees
    21. Money is not the only motivation for employees
    22. Marxism is a failed theory
    23. Marxism is a practical theory
    24. Capitalism has its innate flaws
    25. Capitalism is a better approach than feudalism and Marxism