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Aliens is a 1986 American film by James Cameron. The film was produced by Gale Anne Hurd who at that time was Cameron’s wife. It is an action, science fiction and horror film. The film starred Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn and several other popular American actors. It is the second part of the Alien franchise and an upshot to the 1979 film ‘Alien’. It was produced on a budget of 18 million US dollars and was written with a war tone to reflect the Vietnam War. It was shot in Pinewood studios in England and at a power plant in London that had been previously decommissioned. The film has been acclaimed by film critics and was also a commercial success, grossing more than one hundred and eighty million US dollars globally. The film follows the main character in the first film back to the planet where he faced the hostile alien accompanied by a group of space marines.

The Plot of the Aliens

Lt. Ellen Ripley’s spacecraft was attacked by an alien who killed the ship’s crew and forced her to destroy the ship. This encounter occurred in a planet called LV-426. Consequently, she drifted in space in Stasis for about 57 years but was rescued. Her employers, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, debriefed her but refused to believe her account of the destruction of her ship - the Nostromo - and its crew. Ripley found out that the planet where the Nostromo encountered the alien is now the base of a human colony called Hardley Hope. However, when contact was lost with Hardley Hope, her employers’ rep and the Colonial Marine lieutenant, Carter Burke and Gorman respectively asked Ripley to accompany Burke and a commando unit to Hardley Hope to find out what had gone wrong. Due to the trauma of her previous encounter with the aliens, Ripley refuses to go but changed her mind after experiencing recurring nightmares about the aliens. However, she made Lieutenant Gorman to pledge that he would destroy all of the aliens.

When they arrived they found Hardley Hope deserted but with an evidence that a violent struggle had occurred. By using the colony’s computer system they were able to locate the colonists who had been made incubators for the aliens’ eggs. When the crew killed a newly hatched alien egg, the aliens rose up to attack the marines killing and capturing several. Gorman panics but Ripley takes control of the spaceship, driving it through the nests to rescue the captured marines. Hicks, one of the rescued marines, orders that the surviving colonists be rescued but a stowaway Alien kills the pilot, causing its crash. The marines then barricade themselves in.

The Dangerous discovery and the Impending Doom

Ripley finds out that Burke had intentionally sent the colonists to the abandoned spaceship where the Nostromo crew first had an encounter with the Alien eggs hoping to become rich by using them as biological weapons. She then threatened to report him but they had a more immediate worry: the power plant had been damaged during the conflict and would soon explode with the force of a 40- megaton nuclear bomb.