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List Of 12 Discursive Essay Topics About Current Events

A student whose main focus is to always write something about current issues, it is important that one quite often read new publications, formulate topics out of them and the proceed to come up with phenomenal literary pieces. As long as you attribute your sources, writing on something which already exists in publication is permissible. It is all but a question of doing it skillfully in your own words and in case need for quotes become a necessity, you must identify the original author in your references. In modern day world, a lot goes on around us and this means that a student who is an enthusiast for new information, news and events can never lack something to write home about. From politics, environment, trade, marriage, wars to space, plenty is always in the offing. It takes a student who is an astute researcher and an ardent reader to come up with something ideal.

Quite often, students find it a hurdle to come up with topics they can write on and this is usually attributed to lack of interest in what goes around. Well, learning can be full of surprises and especially if you get into an exam room one day and on taking a look at your question paper, your knowledge on current issues in required in writer. This can be a shocker to some always disinterested in what goes on in the present world every day. With this said, this post takes a look at some discursive topics students can writer on regarding present issues, so read on for more.

  • Discuss the efforts the world is making towards combating global terrorism
  • Discuss how the tendency clinging to power by leaders in third world countries can be ended
  • Who is the next world super power? Can U.S be ousted and on what premises?
  • What is your view of global warming stemming strategies recommended by U.N environmental agency?
  • Illegal immigration is a big problem today. How can it be ended?
  • How has globalization help transform third world economies? Discuss
  • Discuss how teenage pregnancies can be combated?
  • What roles can the world perform to end poverty?
  • What is the significance of communication and information technologies in modern day learning?
  • Discuss the place of counseling on transformative learning?
  • Is the world doing enough to end FGM? Discuss
  • Islamic state is an emerging threat to world peace and economy. Justify this claim