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Your creativity can be visible on different stages of writing your paper. If you are not given a certain topic, you have to use your knowledge of the subject and imagination to pick up interesting, useful and clever one. Furthermore, you will need a powerful introduction, best with a hook to make your reader at least interested in the subject of your paper. Here are a few hooks you can use at the beginning of your paper:

  • A quotation or saying
  • Personal, real or made up story.
  • Statistics on your topic.

Think of something interesting and useful that will make your reader read. This can refer not only to the introduction, but to the whole paper. Re-read your paper yourself or give it to someone to read to make sure it is interesting and worth reading.

Knowledge of the described subject.

Nothing can make you a better professional in the eyes of your reader than getting your facts straight and your subject detailed and understandable.

  • Do your research. Read things that may seem very distant related to what you are going to speak about in your paper
  • Use only credible sources. Double-check each fact and piece of information that come from a suspicious source – if your paper is read by a person, who is experienced in the subject, false information will be discovered at once.
  • Get practical knowledge. You will always write much better on a subject you know from personal experience and not just from books and articles.

Writing With Power: How To Impress Readers With A Strong Essay

"...In some situations a powerful essay can make a big difference in your academic career. With dozens of students in a class written assignments can become the only thing that will allow you to stand out among others. It can be the only thing that will let your professor learn about your existence. Or it may impress the jury of the scholarship committee and make them rule in your favor. Anyway, to write an essay that is not like others, you will need to gain some qualities and skills. Most of them can be developed while you are still studying. ..."

Sense of proportion

There are many techniques on how to get your readers engaged in your story. Some advise you to show your personality and emotions in the paper, others tell you to keep it strictly professional and do not mix it up with personal things. Of course, the situation itself will depend on the type of paper and your audience, but by knowing the right proportions of personal and professional in the paper, you can let your readers feel the author of the paper, learn something about him and his own point of view on the problem, not just thoughts lent from others. Your paper will not be just a set of facts, statistics and quotations, but something you can personally relate to and create with the help of it. Your readers will feel themselves engaged not only in reading your story, but in the communication with the author himself.

There cannot be one set recipe for making the paper stand out among others. However, you shall never think of a topic as a one you cannot possibly find something new to say on. Think about what your audience might find interesting, develop the idea and get really engaged in what you are writing about. Your passion about the subject will open new ways for your imagination and creativity. Do not be afraid of trying new ways and approaches, which is standing out is about in the first place!