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8 Steps To Creating A Powerful Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks students receive during their life. They need to attempt essay-writing tasks from as early as the primary grades. The subject and type of these papers is simpler in early classes. As students promote to higher grades, they tend to learn new types of the paper and write complex assignments. A compare and contrast paper is where you need to discuss different aspects of the same subject or create a comparison between two different subjects. You can choose either of these approaches to write your paper. Remember that the topic of your paper will decide the overall direction, approach and type of your paper.

If you are to write a winning compare and contrast essay for your school, then you need to consider the following important points in your mind.

  1. Decide the approach and scope of your paper
  2. Choose a valid and interesting topic
  3. Carry out research to collect relevant data
  4. Create an outline for your paper
  5. Gather similar data in relevant places to create an effective outline.

  6. Write the first draft
  7. Use the points and lists in the outline to create a rough body for your paper.

  8. Write the conclusion and introduction at the end
  9. It is one good approach to write both these critical papers at the end because by then you know the direction and scope of your paper. This will help you maintain the same direction throughout your paper.

  10. Edit and proof read
  11. Never submit your assignments before you have checked them thoroughly and proof read them. Sometimes you tend to ignore very basic mistakes and you need to fix them in the last phase. Post writing will improve the quality and presentation of your paper by removing repletion, grammar mistakes, and typos, spell errors, irrelevant details etc.

  12. Check for plagiarism
  13. When your paper is complete, you should check it with an online tool or a software program to check the originality of your paper. Your teacher may even fail you or suspend you if the paper is copied from somewhere else. You need to come up with a unique assignment. Even if you take ideas or research material from a source, you should give the credit to the original author by citing the source and reference at the end of your paper.