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Where To Find A Well-Written Example Of An Argumentative Essay About Sports

Most everyone enjoys participating in sporting events, from a fun game of soccer in the park to attending major sporting events but finding a good example of an argumentative essay on sports is an entirely different prospect altogether. People typically play sports and not do argumentative pieces on them so finding well written examples may be a challenge but there are a few places where you can look to find well written examples that will help to complete your assignment.

  • Past students writings
  • The first, and probably the best place to look for an example will be from other students who had the assignment before you. Many times a university or school will maintain examples in the library and allow students to review and check out these pieces for well written examples. Or, if you have a friend who took the class before you consider seeing if they kept their assignments and would allow you to see the work that they have done to get an example. Looking for past examples from other students will give you a lead on potential sports writing pieces you could use.

  • Sportscasters and news writers
  • While there may be varying opinions on the quality of their work, two possibilities for examples of argumentative sports writing would be from local sportscasters and news writers. The writings from these two types of people are regularly published in the sports news sections of magazines and newspapers and you can read what they have written for examples. While these may be very limited help, in some cases they can become argumentative such as when they are discussing the actions of popular sports figures or professional sports teams so try their works for possible examples.

  • Internet searches
  • One final fallback that every student can use to find an example is always the internet. The internet is the go to resource that many students use for this and other topics and you will be certain to find numerous examples that you can use when you do a brief internet search on this media.

    Finding examples of argumentative essays on sports will be easy if you follow these three tips. Try talking to previous students or looking in the school library, look at the writings of sportscasters and other news writers and if all else fails do an internet search for an example.