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Academic Writing Ideas: What Are Good Persuasive Essay Topics?

Essay writing is found to be fascinating by many. Many people are highly enthusiastic about writing compositions as this process of penning down coherent strings of words lets a person venture into his or her creativity with words, thoughts and ideas. This way one can portray his or her hold over a language and the depths of his or her vocabulary. Writing compositions gives a person ample opportunities of exploring one’s knowledge base and surfaces anything that is lacking in it for self-assessment and self-rectification.

The topic of the composition determines the knowledge base required for writing it as well the difficulty level one is going to find oneself in while penning it down. The theme depends on the age of the person who is going to write the composition. It also depends on the field of academics the person is associated with. But irrespective of the academic field one is associated with, there are infinite number of themes that one can decide upon to write a good article. In a persuasive essay, the writer either goes with an issue or against an issue. He or she has to provide concrete arguments to make the reader agree with his or her opinion. All good persuasive compositions have a few traits in common.

Following are a few pointers as to what makes a theme of an essay good and persuasive:

  • Researching- This is extremely important for any kind of task we’re facing and not only for penning downcompositions. Persuasive articles are supposed to be filled with concrete evidences for or against the issue one has decided to write upon. This can only be done through intensive researching.

  • Recognize the perspective of the prospective readers- The essayist must identify the point of view of his or her probable audience. If the audience is expected to be inclined towards the opposite side of the issue the writer is going forward with, the topic might not be the best under such circumstances.

  • Select a position- One has to eventually select either of the two sides of the issue. He or she cannot remain indecisive and go forward with the writing as this indecisiveness is going to get reflected in the essay as well. And that won’t be producing a very persuasive effect on the reader.

  • Deliver a rebuttal of the opposing argument- One has to keep on delivering his standpoint on the issue in a non-vague and confident manner supported with good evidence. But at one point of time, one has to debunk the opposing argument as well. This is surely going to help in sealing the deal of winning over the reader.

A few topics for such a composition:

  1. Is reservation in academic fields justifiable?
  2. Are we becoming devoid of values and ethics?
  3. The digital life is ruining the inter-personal skills of the people.
  4. Is genetic engineering an ethical science?
  5. There isn’t a particular age for starting to live a responsible life.
  6. Money and happiness go hand in hand.
  7. Love is an illusion.
  8. Excellent students make excellent professionals.
  9. Is religious extremism something that is required?
  10. Children don’t care about their elders any more.
  11. Being home tutored is better than going to school.